Fast and Reliable Springs Replacement Service in Florida  

When components such as rollers and springs stop working, it affects the performance of your garage door. These problems may result in the inability to open and close the door, which means your garage dooris ultimately useless. This can create different problems which include leaving all your possessions open to intruders or to leave your car outside for thieves. Other problems may include but is not limited to springs, broken hinges, garage door off track, cables garage, door opener problems and much more. Some of these issues can create a safety hazard for your family if it’s not taken care of properly.

Does your garage door springs need replacement? If it’s residential or commercial, we can help. USA Garage Door and Gate can help with any Florida garage door springs replacement needs. Whether there is something wrong with the components of a garage door such as springs or any damage to the door itself, we can fix it. These problems can cause a wide range of issues that you don’t want to deal with.


When the door itself is in need of repair, it’s a problem. It can cause cooling and heating issues for the house, which can lead to high heating or cooling bills. When your garage door is broken, that means your home is vulnerable to break-ins. Fortunately, we can handle these needs as well and also replace the springs of your garage door that have been damaged.

What to Know Before the Replacement of your Garage Door Springs

Many homeowners do not have an idea about what’s involved in garage door spring replacement. Garage door springs are designed for the same cycle rating, and they must last about the same amount of time. This means that if one’s broken, it is only a matter of time before the other goes. By changing both at the same, you ensure they’ll work together with the same capabilities, and you also ensure that you won’t need another garage door spring replacement visit shortly after your first.

There have been new advances in technology since your last garage door spring replacement. You can now secure corrosion-free garage door springs that are designed for many more cycles than standard springs, and they are constructed to withstand any weather condition.

Our experienced and skilled technicians can also recommend the right size and type of garage door replacement springs for your home. It is important for the maintenance and safety of your garage door that the right-size spring is used to do the heavy lifting. Contact us today and we will replace your garage door springs perfectly.